Lyric Theatre Singers Perform on Global TV


A select group of singers performed an a capella arrangement of “Deck the Halls” for Global TV Montreal on Tuesday, December 9th.

You can check out the news segment here.

Don’t miss your chance to see our upcoming concert at …

December 2014

The Singers

The Lyric Theatre Singers

Soprano 1                                                      

Justine Bell
Jennifer Bond
Tara Boyce
Catherine Castillo
Farida El Kilany
Laurie-Anne Jean-Baptiste
Geneviève Perron
Carolyn Peters
Élaine Salvail

Soprano 2                  

Genviève Blanchette
Meghan Brown
Karen Cassini
Linda Cregan

Sophie Leduc
Sylvie Lewis
Karine …

October 2012

Choir Members

Soprano 1

Geneviève Blanchette

Emilie Cassini

Laurie-Anne Jean-Baptiste

Susan Power

Alicia Rice

Alexandra Schuller

Janet Wright

Soprano 2

Allison Brown

Laura Bryan

Karen Cassini

Linda Cregan

Laurence Gauthier

Arlene Hyland

Elaine Salvail

Alto 1

Hélène Charbonneau

Laurie Neysmith

Natalie Paquette…

October 2011

About Us

The Lyric Theatre is a community theatre company dedicated to creating performance and production opportunities for the benefit and development of its members and the Greater Montreal area community.

Our members are given unique opportunities to create the highest level …

October 2011

Lyric Theatre present outstanding show

SUNDAY, 12 JUNE 2011

The Suburban – Mike Cohen

The Lyric Theatre Singers, recognized as a long-standing producer and promoter of musical theatre in the Montreal area, hit the stage at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall at the NDG Loyal …

June 2011