21 January 2015

CALLING ALL LYRIC ALUMNI – Help Us Celebrate Our Double Anniversary!

2015 means 25 YEARS for the Singers and a WHOPPING 50 YEARS for Lyric! A good reason to celebrate don’t you think?

We are currently planning a 2015 Lyric Alumni event designed to reunite as many past Lyric
performers as possible to share the stage and attend a special gathering in celebration of these very
important milestones. To do this we need to build a contact list of Book Show cast members as well
as past Lyric Singers – and we need your help!

If you ever performed in – or worked on – a Lyric BOOK SHOW or a LYRIC THEATRE SINGERS
concert and would like to be on the Alumni mailing list, click on one of the following links. We will
keep you posted about Lyric activities and send you anniversary news as soon as it becomes

           BOOK SHOW ALUMNI                                   LYRIC THEATRE SINGERS ALUMNI 

Note: If you performed in both, please fill out both forms.

The Music Man 1991 anniversary photo

Please spread the word by copying/pasting this text into an email and sending to all your Lyric friends. We need to get the word out to everyone to put together the most awesome Lyric event EVER!

Need to reach us? Just write to lyricsingersalumni@gmail.com