01 October 2011

Power of One: Director hits a high note

Bob Bachelor is the artistic director of the Lyric Theatre Singers.

For the past 20 years, aspiring singers have had the chance to be heard thanks to Bob Bachelor, the musical director behind the Lyric Theatre Singers.

Bachelor, a demanding director, has expected excellence from his singers, who perform the best of Broadway’s past and present.

“It’s not that I like to push, I don’t like mediocrity,” said Bachelor.

Many of the group’s founding members returned this year to bring back decades-old memories.

“(He doesn’t) look a day older than the day that we met, which was about 30 years ago, and I think that’s due to music,” said Gloria Aronoff, a singer with the group.

Bachelor, 58, says directing the group, along with teaching high school, keeps him energized.

“If I’m doing things I really love to do, I don’t feel that it’s a burden,” he said.

Bachelor’s prodigies say they owe their dedication to him.

“I think we’d be lost without him,” said Nancy

Bob is modest about his role.

“At this point in the process it’s not even about me it’s really about them. I’m a guy down there in the audience just see some guy waving his hand,” he said.

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