01 October 2011


2015 = 25 YEARS for the Singers and A WHOPPING 50 YEARS for Lyric! A good reason to celebrate don’t you think?

We are currently planning a 2015 Lyric Alumni event designed to reunite as many past Lyric performers as possible to share the stage and attend a special gathering in celebration of these very important milestones. To do this we need to build a contact list of Book Show cast members as well as past Lyric Singers – and we need your help! If you ever performed in – or worked on – a Lyric BOOK SHOW or a LYRIC THEATRE SINGERS concert and would like to be on the Alumni mailing list, click on one of the following links. We will keep you posted about Lyric activities and send you anniversary news as soon as it becomes available!

Note: If you performed in both, please fill out both forms.
Please spread the word, tell your Lyric friends! We need to contact as many of you as possible to put together the most awesome Lyric event EVER! Thank you!


Singers and Alumni Bring Down the House!

June 12, 2010 will certainly be remembered as one of the most momentous dates in Lyric Theatre history. It was the culmination of months of planning and hours of preparation by 125 Lyric performers, past and present. The evening was marked by tremendous performances by the current chorus members and a fantastic audience that transmitted their enormous energy to the Singers on stage. When the alumni added their voices to the choir to sing the final number – West Side Story – they and the 2010 Lyric Theatre Singers simply blew the roof off of the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall!

Click here to see the Singers 20th Anniversary documentary!

Musical director, Bob Bachelor, looks back on this special evening: “I was struck by so many memories of past concerts, rehearsals, events, people and what remained the strongest in my mind is that The Lyric Theatre Singers are truly a diverse group of people who are able to come together, some after many years, and accomplish a musical goal in a very powerful and professional way. As many of the Singers have said and as I have come to realize over the years, even though some of us are not working together any more on a weekly basis, Lyric truly is a large extended family, and the bonds that tie us together are very strong. The music that we make together is a very powerful force!”

Stay tuned to this website for more news and announcements about upcoming Lyric Theatre Singers Alumni concerts and events!